New Jersey Dem Powerbroker Charged in Bombshell Racketeering Case

George Norcross (X)
June 17, 2024

One of the biggest Democratic powerbrokers in New Jersey was indicted Monday on racketeering charges.

George Norcross was the target of the Monday indictment alleging a decades-old corruption scheme in which he and his allies made millions of dollars from government-issued tax credits, exerted immense control over elected officials, and unlawfully obtained valuable property rights. Norcross, a businessman, has had previous encounters with law enforcement but has never been indicted before.

Norcross "led a criminal enterprise," the indictment claims, that "would extort others through threats and fear of economic and reputational harm and commit other criminal offenses to achieve the enterprise’s goals."

Norcross’s brother, attorney Philip Norcross, was also indicted on Monday for illegally obtaining government tax credits. Norcross has another brother, Donald Norcross (N.J.), a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives. A former member of the Democratic National Committee, George Norcross is friends with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

Monday's charges represent the latest indictment of a powerful New Jersey Democrat. Sen. Bob Menendez is currently on trial for corruption charges. He is accused of accepting gold bars, cash, and a Mercedes-Benz for political favors. In August last year, Norcross donated $10,000 to Menendez’s defense fund, tax records show. Two other Norcross family members also donated to Menendez.

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