The 5 Best Items on the US Marshals' Asset Forfeiture Auction Listings

March 20, 2015

Every year, the federal government seizes millions of dollars’ worth of property under asset forfeiture laws. It is the U.S. Marshals Service’s job to get rid of it all, which means big savings for you coupon-clippers out there. Here are the five best items currently on the U.S. Marshals Service's auction listings.

5. A palette full of random crap - $1,500


Not everything the government seizes is fit for a Tony Montana cocaine den, but if you’re in the market for boxes of old stereo equipment and Dan Brown books, the US Marshals Service has you covered.

4. 2013 Chevy Corvette - $46,700


Midlife crisis? No problem. "Starts (with a battery boost), Runs, Drives. Mileage: 3227"

3. A 32-foot boat – make an offer!


Do you remember that viral song about being on a boat? You could sing that song on a 32’ 2000 Bayliner Cierra 3055. Must pick up from Puerto Rico. No delivery.

2. A private jet - $2.2 million


For the discerning business executive/cartel lord who enjoys flying in style, consider this 2005 Hawker 800 XPI.

1. A Dominican Hotel - $3.2 million


For just over $3 million, the Cabañas Bayamesa in the Dominican Republic can be yours: "Operational motel with 19 executive rooms and 36 single rooms (2 specials), each room has its own garage, bathroom, a/c unit, solar water heater (Executives rooms with Jacuzzi)."

BONUS: Black Hawk helicopter - $200,000


The General Services Administration ran out of room in the garage for this UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter, and now it can be yours for the bargain bin price of $200K. The helicopter is listed as in "as is" condition.