Alexander: Use of Private Emails By Public Officials is 'Against the Law'

Senator LaMar Alexander (R., Tenn.) appeared on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning to discuss the Associated Press' report that top administration officials are using secret email addresses, whose contents are unknown.

One of the officials using a secret email account is Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The existence of her secret email address was unknown until the new report.

As Senator Lamar explained, the use of a private email address to conduct public business is illegal.

DOOCY: Also, breaking news this morning, according to the Associated Press, apparently the Obama administration has been using secret government e-mail accounts for a variety of reasons. But apparently Secretary Sebelius is one of the people who has been using a secret e-mail account. So apparently it's going to be hard for investigators to subpoena that, Senator, because they don't even know it existed until this morning.

ALEXANDER: Well, that's a problem because there is something called the Public Records Act. So if you're in the government and in the Executive Branch, what you're supposed to do is use the government e-mail for official business, and you use your private e-mail for your private business. If you mix the two up, that's against the law and that frustrates the ability of the public to find out what you're doing.

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