Iowa Obamacare Exchange Enrolls Five People

Insurance officer likens the process to a radio call-in contest


The Des Moines Register found five people in Iowa who were able to sign up for a health insurance plan through the Obamacare exchange website.

Cliff Gold, the chief operating officer for CoOportunity Health, likened the five enrollees to winners of a radio call in contest. CoOportunity Health is one of only two insurance providers selling individual policies through the Obamacare exchange. The Register reports:

"They threaded the needle and got in," said Cliff Gold, the insurance carrier’s chief operating officer. "It’s like when a radio station says, ‘If you’re the 20th caller, you’ll win something.’ These people were the 20th caller."

Two of the unidentified purchasers are from Iowa City, two are from Glidden and one is from Clive, Gold said.

CoOportunity Health is one of two carriers selling individual policies throughout Iowa on the new exchange. Gold said the company confirmed Wednesday that at least five Iowans and nine Nebraskans had selected its policies via the new system. The other statewide Iowa carrier, Coventry, declined to say whether it had sold any Iowa policies on the system.

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