Group Releases Ad Slamming Replacement of U.S. Workers with Foreign Labor

January 20, 2016

A native-born employee at Disney who was fired spoke out against abuse in the H-1B visa program, explaining how he was replaced by cheap foreign labor, in a new ad campaign produced by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Last year, Disney World fired 250 American workers and replaced them with cheaper foreign workers, through the H-1B visa program.

One of those displaced American workers was Leo Perrero who said he and his co-workers were shocked and surprised when they heard the news that they were being fired.

"We thought we were being brought in to be delivered news of accolades, bonuses, and possibly promotions because I had just received my best possible performance review," Perrero said. "It was a complete surprise when we walked into this room and we could feel the chill in the air that something good was not going to happen."

"The Disney executive broke the news to us, we were shocked and surprised that we were told our jobs were ending in 90 days," he said. "We would be laid off in 90 days and not only that, we would have to train foreign replacements that were just brought into our country on foreign guest worker programs."

Perrero notes that this action was not an anomaly and abuse in the H-1B visa program is happening all over the country.

"This story must be told–Americans must be warned and take action," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Walt Disney is one of many well-known examples of companies exploiting gaping holes in our nation’s immigration system to displace and undermine American workers."

"There is a popular perception that companies can only use foreign guest workers when qualified American workers are not available," he said. "That perception is just false. Guest worker programs are riddled with loopholes written by business lobbyists that allow their clients to bring in foreign workers pretty much at will."

The full ad can be viewed here.