Governor-Elect of Missouri’s Wife Robbed at Gunpoint

Eric Greitens
• December 6, 2016 8:37 am


Sheena Greitens, the wife of Missouri's Republican Governor-elect Eric Greitens, was robbed at gunpoint close to her home on Monday night.

Eric Greitens wrote about the robbery on his Facebook page the night the incident occurred.

He said the robbery happened "not far" from their home and that his wife is now safe but shaken from what happened.

The governor-elect took time to thank law enforcement for their "swift and skilled" response, noting that they were at his wife's side "within minutes" to make sure she received help.

He said the incident has helped to "strengthen [his] resolve" to help secure the neighborhoods over which he will soon preside and provide help to law enforcement.

Greitens ended his statement by saying how he was thankful "for God's grace, for our brave men and women in law enforcement, for the safety of our family, and for the prayers of so many of you."

The robbery took place as Sheena Greitens was sitting in her car in the parking lot of a St. Louis restaurant, Fox News reported. Police said a suspect opened the door to the car, pointed a gun at her, and took her laptop and cell phone before fleeing the scene on foot.

Three teenage suspects–aged 14, 15, and 19–were arrested and are now in custody, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Law enforcement officials also found that another car in the same parking lot had been broken into, and the owner of the car's cell phone had been stolen. The phone was discovered in a car one of the suspects was driving that turned to be stolen as well.

Eric Greitens, a former NAVY seal who served four tours overseas, was elected governor of Missouri last month.

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