Dem. Campaign Worker Stabs Man Over Dog Feces

ANCHOR: Bizarre story out of Southeast D.C., where a D.C. Council campaign volunteer is expected to be in court today, one day after police say he stabbed a neighbor to death because of a rather bizarre circumstance. John Gonzalez, live at southeast with all of the details this morning. What happened, John?

REPORTER:  I can tell you the neighbors here are shocked. Apparently, this was all over dog feces. Now, the 56-year-old, Southeast man will be in court at 1 p.m., charged with stabbing and killing his own neighbor. This isn’t the first time the man has been in trouble with the law. According to court records, he has been arrested at least seven times in the past including for assault. Now, neighbors tell us and tell police that this 56-year-old well-known political activist got into an argument with his next door neighbor, 37-year-old Robert Wright around 10 a.m. yesterday morning after Wright’s dog defecated in the yard. Wright was pronounced dead hours later at a nearby hospital from stab wounds. The suspect, Ellsworth Colbert, is currently a volunteer for Kevin Chavous, a candidate running for the Ward 7 council seat this year. Chavous say this man is a volunteer but not involved in the leadership. Neighbors in this quiet Southeast neighborhood say they just cannot make sense of what they’re calling a senseless crime.

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