Dan Senor Fact Checks Bill Maher Crew on Which Party Coddles Investment Banks

Former Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor fact-checked Bill Maher and his guests several times on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday.

Joseph Stiglitz, who was an adviser to former President Bill Clinton, said that the United States political system has not worked properly and the Republicans are mainly to blame for that.

Senor was quick to challenge the claim.

"It is the Democratic White House that feels so strongly about maintaining a federal guarantee for big investment banks," Senor said. "So if they ever implode again, the taxpayers will have to bail them out. And I am for completely untangling that guarantee, and a lot of Republicans are."

Stiglitz agreed with Senor.

Host Bill Maher said that when President Obama tried to help the economy after the recession, Republicans blocked funds for infrastructure investments.

Senor corrected Maher.

"Bill, he had control of the Congress in the first two years of his administration," said Senor. "He had majorities in the House and the Senate. And he got his stimulus passed. He got Dodd-Frank passed, which has the too-big-to-fail guarantee built in to protect investment banks. He got Obamacare passed. He got a bunch of things passed. So why didn’t he push exactly what you are saying?"

Maher objected that Democrats didn’t have control of Congress.

A Free Beacon analysis found that Bill Maher was wrong. Democrats did control both chambers of Congress during President Obama’s first two years in his administration.