Man Drives Stolen Walmart Shopping Cart to Meet Probation Officer

Electric shopping carts are usually reserved for the elderly or disabled persons, but one criminal felt that he was entitled to take one of those carts to meet his parole officer.

Eighteen year old Michael Rene Johnson stole an electric shopping cart and rode it to the Metropolitan Court in Albuquerque where he was due to meet his parole officer. His probation officer asked him where he had obtained his unusual ride, and Johnson admitted that he had stolen it from Walmart.

Police officers then called Walmart. The retail giant estimated the cart to be worth more than $1800 and said they will file charges against Johnson.

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Johnson now faces charges including larceny and receiving stolen property. He previously faced charges of domestic violence and criminal trespass in 2013. He is currently being held on a no-bond hold at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

He has failed to garner any sympathy for his theft. Shopper Raul Ramos weighed in on the situation, telling KOAT "Sometimes you need a ride to see your P.O (parole officer), but that was stupid of him taking the cart."