Beckel: Climate Change Bigger Threat Than ISIL

Bob Beckel, token liberal panelist of The Five on Fox News, sparred with his co-hosts Friday, saying climate change was a bigger threat to the United States than the terror group ISIL.

"Climate change is so much more consequential than ISIS ever was," Beckel said. "It's like putting the United States military up against the Boy Scouts." 

In response, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle asked Beckel if he was joking, sparking a heated back-and-forth before Beckel made a final push to advance his argument.

"I have people that I think scientifically have a good argument; other people say they have a good argument, we disagree with it," Beckel said. "But the idea suggesting that ISIS is more important than climate change is just absurd, as far as I'm concerned."