Obama’s Network

First Family frequent guests on NBC and other Comcast-owned nets

The first family has been selective in its cameo appearances, reserving its star-power for networks owned by major supporters. Barack Obama will be gracing cable TV screens Saturday night when he introduces the movie of the week—To Kill a Mockingbird—on USA Network. Gregory Peck’s family, as well as several cast members, will join Obama for the prime time introduction for the film’s 50th anniversary.

Cash Money Millionaires

Parents of DNC staffer who posted picture captioned “Jewbags” on Facebook are closely tied to the White House

Dani Gilbert, a DNC Jewish liaison who is the daughter of fundraisers Mark and Nancy, caused a stir in the political world this week when the Free Beacon reported that she was pictured on Facebook in a series of provocative photos with friends, holding dollar bills and referring to themselves as “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash money team.” Gilbert’s parents are prominent Florida-based Democratic fundraisers, securing at least $500,000 for team Obama, according to Politico.

Persecution on the Peninsula

Saudi cleric issues fatwa to demolish Christian Churches in Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim leader recently issued a religious decree calling for all Christian churches on the Arabian peninsula to be demolished, a move that elicited protests from the U.S. government and undermines recent efforts in the kingdom to promote interfaith tolerance.

Budget Battle Royale

Obama’s decision to escalate the debate over the federal budget may come back to haunt him and his party

The budget battle raging in Washington, D.C., heated up this week with President Obama’s fierce, partisan attack on the House Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.).


Column: Peevish POTUS has nothing to run on but demagogic attacks and demonization of Republicans

Did President Obama seem angrier and bitterer and clingier than usual this week? Then again, you would be angry too if your best chance for reelection lay in smearing the opposition.