Pinkerton: Free Beacon Reporting on Rice an Example of ‘Press Doing its Job’


Jim Pinkerton of the American Conservative Union speaking on "Fox News Watch" Saturday, cited the Free Beacon's reporting on U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice as an example of "the press actually doing its job":

JAY LENO: And this week, CBS News became the first news organization besides Fox to ask President Obama "who changed the benghazi talking points"? Yeah, this is very dangerous for the white house, for the press to start asking real questions.

JON SCOTT: So, what about it, Jim, if Jay Leno is asking that question, does it mean that the press might be finally catching on?

JIM PINKERTON: I think a couple of things are happening here, first of all, the campaign of race baiting against John McCain led by Richard Wolf and Toure, don't forget the accent mark. And the meeting with Rice went badly and Susan Collins prides herself as a moderate thinks worse of you, you've done a bad job on the your presentation. And speaking of the press actually doing its job, Adam Kredo, the new website called the Washington Free Beacon  reports that Susan Rice has millions of dollars in investments of companies linked to Iran and they rattled off the list from her financial disclosure forms and kind of makes you wonder how she got confirmed to the U.N. ambassadorship or why the Romney campaign was never noticing this as the issues of Iran and weapons heating up. But, I am starting to think now (that there is enough) coming up in independent voices like the Beacon, that maybe it will get– it will derail her.

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