Ellison Barber on VA Whistleblowers Testimony


The Washington Free Beacon's Ellison Barber recapped Monday night's testimony from VA whistleblowers for Fox News.

Three whistleblowers testified, from three different regional offices. "They were asked the question pretty directly from one of the lawmakers, they said ‘have you or anyone else experienced retaliation?' And they all said yes, absolutely. One man who testified said that he had actually lost his job. He felt that it was because of retaliation," Barber said.

"It really seemed like you did have a lot of instances, really egregious recent instances, particularly with the firing of this one whistleblower, that were directly related to retaliation because they had reported some things they saw happening in their department that they didn't think were appropriate," Barber observed.

In another instance, a whistleblower said she had seen boxes of claims designated for shredding.

"I took pictures and I saw things in the boxes that are not supposed to be shredded," she told the committee.