The Disgusting Attempt to ‘Understand’ Christopher Dorner

Ta-Nehisi Coates is befuddled, and rightly so, at attempts to "understand" the murderer and cop-killer Christopher Dorner:

I don't really know how anyone, with any sort of coherence, adopts Christopher Dorner as a symbol in the fight against police brutality, given how he brutalized those two human beings.

Coates is referring to Dorner's slaying of the daughter of a former LAPD police captain and her fiancé. What he doesn't refer to is Dorner's murder of three other people, all of them police officers acting in the line of duty. Why? Homicide is homicide is homicide. I "don't really know how anyone, with any sort of coherence," can condemn Dorner's apologists by citing the violent death of only two of his victims. Then again I'm still numb from the experience of reading completely something written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.