Review: ‘Dancing with the Devil’ By Michael Rubin

Strengthening America’s enemies by endlessly talking to them
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif  / AP

In Dancing with the Devil, Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute details the failures of diplomacy with rogue regimes that have weakened global peace prospects and strengthened America’s enemies.

What is a rogue regime? These are governments that do not follow the norms of global diplomacy, seek nuclear proliferation, sponsor terrorism, and pose a threat to America and her allies. Rubin’s book is a historical study of U.S. diplomatic engagement of Iran, North Korea, Libya, the Taliban, Pakistan, Iraq, and terrorist groups such as the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Engagement failed in each case.

Ten Years Later

Sen. McCain and Gen. Keane discuss Iraq war at AEI
Gen. Jack Keane in Iraq in 2007 / AP

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Gen. Jack Keane held a panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday to describe the lessons they believe we can learn from the Iraq War on its tenth anniversary.

Vlad the Violator

Experts criticize human rights violations of Russian president
Vladimir Putin / AP

The United States and other Western nations should be doing more to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s human rights violations, members of Congress and foreign policy experts said Monday during a United States-Russia relations event hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative, Freedom House, and the Institute of Modern Russia.

Gore Pockets Estimated $100M on TV Sale to Oil-Backed Al Jazeera

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Gore and Hyatt announce plans to create a television network in 2004 (AP)

Al Gore’s Current TV confirmed Wednesday evening that it has been sold to Al Jazeera for an estimated $400 to $500 million, with the former vice president set to pocket $100 million from the sale.

Small Business, Big Problems

New costs suggest Obama’s second term promises hardships for smaller firms
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Small businesses across the country are planning for economic hard times during President Barack Obama’s second term.