Kate Havard

Ovid’s Works and Days

Review: Diane Middlebrook’s ‘Young Ovid’

In Young Ovid, the late Stanford professor Diane Middlebrook attempts a reconstruction of the early life of the Roman poet whose great work, the Metamorphosis, has transmitted much of what we know about Greek and Roman mythology.

In Defense of Homer

Review: Peter J. Ahrensdorf’s ‘Homer on the Gods and Human Virtue’

In Homer on the Gods and Human Virtue, Peter J. Ahrensdorf investigates Homer’s teachings on the nature of human excellence. Unconventionally, Ahrensdorf argues that Homer is one of the West’s principal philosophic thinkers, and deserves to be studied in similar manner to Plato and Aristotle.

The Lost Art of Reading

Review: Arthur M. Melzer’s 'Philosophy Between the Lines'

Rembrandt's 'Aristotle with a Bust of Homer'The art of esoteric reading—scrutinizing a text for “hidden meanings”—has been lost.