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Frank Freeman’s book reviews have appeared in America Magazine, Bloomsbury Review, Commonweal, The DublinReview of Books, The Literary Review, The Rumpus, Touchstone, and The Weekly Standard, among others. Frank is a stay-at-home dad of four who lives in Saco, Maine. He grew up in Texas, Connecticut, and California, received a BA in English from Texas A&M and an MA in English from Northeastern University.

cross on church steeple

Religious Persecution in America

Review: Mary Eberstadt, ‘It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies’

June 25, 2016
John Calvin

Calvin Versus Calvinism

Review: Bruce Gordon, ‘John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion: A Biography’

June 12, 2016

Not Quite Inconsolable

Review: John Lahr, ‘Joy Ride: Show People and Their Shows’

September 27, 2015