DNC spokesman: We have to ‘expose the evil-doers’ to win in November


DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse said it is imperative for Democrats to "expose the evil-doers" on the Republican side in the battleground states, in an interview with Ed Schultz.

SCHULTZ: Well, what if you are outspent like that? What if you're outspent four to one or five to one? What's the game plan? Do you have new ground troops? Do you have enough organization?

WOODHOUSE: I do think we have enough organization, I think we have enough ground troops. We know for a fact — you know, they made a big deal today about the fact that Scott Walker is going to turn over his offices in Wisconsin to Mitt Romney. Why didn't Mitt Romney have offices in Wisconsin? He doesn't have offices in North Carolina, three or four [unclear]. They have no ground game. And you know, we're going to exploit that, but we're going to have to reach to as high as parity as we can on the spending side, but importantly, we've got to expose the evil-doers. That's probably the wrong way to put it.