Bush: ‘Putin Views U.S. As An Enemy’


Former President George W. Bush gave a candid interview about his favorite hobby- painting, with his daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, on the TODAY Show. Bush also shed light on how Russian President Vladimir Putin views the United States, saying Putin thinks of the U.S. "as an enemy."

The father daughter duo toured "The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy" exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum as the elder bush revealed interesting tidbits about a few of the most notable paintings visitors can expect to see.

When they stopped at Bush’s painting of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bush explained to Hager that Putin "is a person who in many ways views the U.S. as an enemy, and although he wouldn’t say that, I felt that he viewed the world as either the U.S. benefits and Russia loses, or vice versa. I tried to dispel him of that notion."

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would be happy to know that Bush painted a portrait of him and said his painting "conveys a compassionate person and a reliable friend."

Another memorable painting in the exhibit was that of Bush’s beloved father, George H.W. Bush. He reflected fondly of his dad, telling Jenna, "He’s a kind man. He’s a great listener, as you know. And when it came to foreign policy, he was a master at befriending people to find common ground, and the way he did so was personal diplomacy. I watched him very carefully through his presidency and always admired him as a man, but it was a joyful experience to paint him. I painted a gentle soul."

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