Report: Clinton Foundation Pays (Unpaid) Male and Female Interns Equally


Hillary Clinton is not a fan of unpaid internships. In a 2013 speech at UCLA, she attacked U.S. companies that “have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities for young people to move on into paid employment.”

That’s interesting, because as the Daily Beast reports, the Clinton Foundation doesn’t pay most of its interns (some receive about $500 a month based on financial need), and doesn’t guarantee paid employment once the internship is completed.

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Poll: A Disturbingly High Percentage of Millennials Want to Put a GOP Wingnut in the White House

Ermahgerd! (AP)

A Harvard University poll published Wednesday found that young voters (ages 18-29) would prefer a Democratic president in 2016. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is that the margin is significantly less than what you might expect.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, Ranked


Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters tonight. (My review drops tomorrow.) So, to get us ready for this momentous event, let’s take a moment to definitively rank the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Nerd Note: The “Marvel Cinematic Universe” is comprised of the Avengers-affiliated movies, basically. So, no Spider-Man flicks, no X-Men flicks, no Fantastic Four flicks, etc. We’re just talking about the Marvel Studios-owned properties: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and the Avengers. Got it? Good.)

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For The Clintons, a Corporate Love Affair with Microsoft


There are many fun ways to buy access to the Clintons. Oftentimes something good will happen to you after giving them money, but it’s purely a coincidence. That good thing would have happened anyway. So shut up.

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THE POLITICO’s Cartoonist Is Just the Worst, You Guys

Genius at work (AP)

You guys, I think I’ve found the dumbest political cartoon ever. It’s by Matt Wuerker. No, not the dumb Hillary Clinton one he drew accusing her political opponents of being sexist simply for opposing her. A different dumb one. Here’s a link. I want you to click through and read it. Then read it again. Then sit there and let it sink in.

Now let’s consider it panel-by-panel.

Panel One:

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Hillary Clinton Demands Answers—Just Don’t Ask Her For Any

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton continues to run for president one tweet at a time. Last night, shortly before midnight, she finally weighed in on the Baltimore riots:

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Iran’s Hijacking of the Maersk Tigris Is a Message to the USA

Iranian warship in the Strait of Hormuz, April 7 / AP

Details are still coming in, but it seems clear that the Iranian Navy seized a container ship called the Maersk Tigris that was transiting the Strait of Hormuz this morning. The ship, flagged in the Marshall Islands and owned by a Danish conglomerate, was traveling on an internationally recognized shipping route when it was approached by Iranian vessels that ordered it to proceed further” into Iranian waters. The captain refused, and the Iranian vessels fired warning shots. The captain then “complied with the Iranian demand and proceeded into Iranian waters in the vicinity of Larak Island,” according to a Pentagon spokesman. The Iranians have boarded the ship.

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The Market > The Government, Cable Unbundling Division

'Dear FCC: The free market sends its regards'

I missed this piece by Peter Suderman a couple of weeks back about cable’s unbundling revolution, but it’s well worth reading if you’re interested in the intersection of government regulation and your entertainment options:

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Another Bad Poll For Hillary Clinton

Elderly homeowner Hillary Clinton. (AP)

A number of recent polls have found that Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate; she evens trails rap superstar Waka Flocka Flame in a hypothetical matchup. The latest bad news for Hillary comes from a survey courtesy of Christopher Newport University in the crucial swing state of Virginia.

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The Clinton Foundation’s Apologia, Translated

"Sorry not sorry." (AP)

Clinton Foundation acting CEO Maura Pally has published a written response to the barrage of new revelations concerning the alleged charitable organization, which several watchdog groups have described as a “slush fund.” Like previous Clinton Foundations statements, it suffers from an overreliance on passive-aggressive corporate bullsh*t. So we’ve done our best to provide a translation:

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Behold the Hillary Clinton Arsenal of Nods


Hillary Clinton has been struggling to interact with everyday Americans on her campaign listening tour, not least because she has a hard time relating to people who have never met a sultan or run a mining business in an authoritarian country. However, she has displayed considerable political and physical skill throughout these interactions, and her opponents would be wise to take note.

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Opposing the Slaughter of Artists by Terrorists: A Controversial ‘Political Position,’ Apparently

Charb, a martyr for free speech who some artists feel uncomfortable defending (AP)

The PEN American Center decided to give its annual Freedom of Expression of Courage award to Charlie Hebdo. The newspaper won the award after Islamic extremists, angry that anyone would dare defy their demands to write about Muhammed in only the most respectful manner possible, brutally slaughtered a number of the journalists who worked there. In other words, a free speech group gave an award to a group of people who literally martyred themselves for the cause of free speech—for the right to write whatever they want, to draw whatever they deemed necessary. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wrong! Some of PEN’s leading lights have distanced themselves from the award. Here’s the New York Times writeup of the event:

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This Is Why They Hate Us

A tale of two cities

As a decadent Beltway establishment RINO in good standing, I have to say: I don’t really have a problem with the White House Correspondents Dinner as a concept. People who unironically call it “Nerd Prom” should be killed, but the event itself … is kind of fun! Yes, it’s gotten out of hand in recent years, as Hollywood has flooded the zone and news orgs try to one up each other by leveraging their synergy with their corporate parents and their advertisers to bring A- or B-Plus-List celebs to hobnob with ad-buyers and high-level editors who haven’t actually performed an interview in years. Still. The parties beforehand, the parties after, mingling with people you would otherwise never get a chance to mingle with, hearing the president tell a few jokes. Good times!

However. Treating this evening as if it’s something the rest of the country should care about is, at best, tone deaf. Does anyone really care if the president tells a joke to a room filled with journalists who wish they were pretty enough to be celebrities and celebrities who wish they were smart enough to hold forth on the political issues of the day? Of course not. D.C. resembles Panem no more than it does on this weekend.

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MSNBC’s Future In Doubt After Failed Comcast Merger

Before the fall. (AP)

Comcast made a valiant effort to purchase Democratic support for its proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner. Alas, the cable giant failed, but not before the firm dropped millions upon millions of dollars on fees to lawyers, lobbyists, and investment bankers.

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Everything’s A Problem!

Michael Buble's Gross Misogyny (smdh)

#Protip: When you get called out for being a misogynist or a racist or any other kind of -ist, do yourself a favor and offer up an actual apology and not a non-apology.

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