This One Strange Fact About Donald Trump Disqualifies Him From the Presidency


There’s really only one appropriate way to order a good steak in a nice restaurant: medium rare.

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Russia’s Syria ‘Withdrawal’ Is Not a Win for the West


News broke on Russian state media this afternoon that Putin has ordered “the main part” of his forces deployed in Syria to “start” withdrawing from that country on Tuesday. The report was followed by near-immediate murmurs among Americans who are sympathetic to President Obama’s foreign policy that Putin’s order constitutes some sort of American success, or “victory for diplomacy,” …

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Nine Things That Are on the Internet


I have to say, if there’s a line that sums up the 2016 election, it must be this one from Donald Trump: “All I know is what’s on the Internet.” The line came in response to Chuck Todd pointing out that a video purporting to show a protester at a Trump rally was affiliated with ISIS was a hoax, a forgery.

All I know is what’s on the Internet.

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Terrence Malick Films, Ranked


Since people on the Internet have a frustrating tendency to be wrong, allow me to properly rank Terrence Malick’s films.

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Planning for the GOP’s Post-Trump Future

/ AP

Well, Donald Trump won another three states last night and it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll be the nominee. Given his impeccable credentials at winning, it seems likely that he’ll destroy Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or whoever the Democrats choose to be their sacrificial lamb. It turns out that Trump was right: we’ll win so much that we’ll get sick of winning.

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'I choose violence' she said before lots of people died, probably. God this show is great.

Update: Credit to the Free Beacon‘s own Elizabeth Harrington for making the gif I was too lazy to make. She’s the best. Here it is:

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If We’re Going to Speak Ill of the Dead, Can We at Least Not Be Lazy About It?

H.L. Mencken / Wikimedia Commons

“De mortuis nil nisi bonum” is not a maxim by which I set much stock. It is, for one thing, explicitly pagan. Only those who believe that treasures, including good reputations, can and ought to be shored up on earth will give a fig what anyone thinks of them after they are dead. That families and friends ought not to be distressed is more understandable, but I can’t help but feel that the whole thing smacks of magical thinking, as if the words themselves had the power to alter the facts of the matter about the deceased.

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An Accidental Reminder That Public Sector Unions Are the Worst

Leslie Jones Ghostbusters

I’m not reflexively anti-union, insofar as I think there’s something valuable in giving workers some power to negotiate for a larger share of profits.* The key word, though, is “profits.” And the thing about public sector unions is that they aren’t representing workers who are working in a sector that turns a profit. They tend to be schoolteachers and transit employees, that sort of thing.

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Keanu Reeves Shoots Guns Like a Pro

Keanu Reeves as John Wick / AP

John Wick 2 opens February of 2017, so we’re still a ways away from seeing the titular Baba Yaga back on the big screen. Until then we’ll just have to settle for watching Keanu Reeves demonstrate his firearm prowess on a shooting range.

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Lady-Ghostbusters Trailer Drops, Looks … Kinda ‘Meh’?

See, there's a heart in the radiation symbol because they're ladies

So, there’s a new trailer for the reboot of Ghostbusters that stars ladies. Please don’t call it Lady Ghostbusters, people get very upset. (I’m going to keep calling it Lady Ghostbusters because this is whole thing feels like a parody of Hollywood diversity efforts, but whatever. You shouldn’t do it because that’s very #problematic. Also, just watch: Leslie Jones’ character will be very #problematic because she is African-American and not a scientist. Just hold on for the #takes.)

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Four Ways of Dealing With Trump


There are some who believe that it is still possible to stop Trump’s path to the GOP nomination—and I hope they’re right! Even if such an effort is farfetched or harmful to the party’s unity or electoral prospects, you can sign me up. It ain’t over until Chris Christie sings—which Trump will probably make him do at the convention.

But let’s buckle in consider our options for the post-nomination future, if Trump indeed gets the nod. Every Republican, from the party’s leaders on down to each voter, will face a choice about whether to support Trump, or pursue some other course.

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A Contested GOP Convention Is a Terrible Idea

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a caucus night rally Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Donald Trump has become the Republican frontrunner because GOP primary voters want an outsider who is angry at the condition of the country and the party establishment. And yet, GOP officials are so frightened of the transformation of the party under Donald Trump that they want the remaining candidates to stay in the race to deny him a majority of delegates and force a contested party convention in July.

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Chris Christie: A Broken Shell of a Man


Alexandra Petri tried to put into words the existential horror Chris Christie silently demonstrated last night while Donald Trump spoke to the world. The horror. The horror. The words tell part of the story.

Those images tho.

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Three Suggestions to Help Donald Trump’s Finger-Size Problem

Trump fingers

As Matt Labash noted a few weeks back, the current frontrunner for the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has a bit of a preoccupation with his micro-digits.

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Oscars Recap, All Shiny and Chrome


I make no apologies for the fact that I greatly enjoy the Academy Awards. They’re silly and absurd and meaningless, but also entertaining and a reasonably good way of starting a discussion/argument about the movies. Last night’s show was really, really good, you guys. A few highlights.

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