Trump vs. Amazon and Jeff Bezos


I’ve mentioned before how troubling I find Donald Trump’s use of the term “the Tiananmen Square riots,” how I think it’s indicative of an authoritarian mindset—or, at least, an authoritarian-curious mindset. Needless to say, then, I also found it disturbing that the presumptive Republican nominee would hint that he might use the power of the federal government to investigate and destroy businesses that displease him.

Here’s Trump, talking to Sean Hannity last night:

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Of Course Obama Is Going to Hiroshima


Of course Barack Obama will go to Hiroshima. If there is any cause for surprise, it is that it has taken him seven years to work up his nerve. A trip to where America killed some 100,000 Japanese subjects of the Emperor Hirohito—no one knows the exact death toll—in order to call for “a world without nuclear weapons” is so natural a gesture for this president.

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The Law Is an Ass

'How dare you tell xer to quit chugging that glass of vodka you gendernorming monster' (AP)

Here’s a fun bit of idiocy.

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Did You Hear a Retired TV Comedian Made a Joke About Trump?

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, comedian, proficient starer and DESTROYER of conservatives, retired last August from The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s low-rated but highly covered satirical news program.

The media, which totally does not lean left and how dare you imply they do, took the announcement like a death in the family.

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Why Donald Trump Should Accept Vicente Fox’s Invite and Visit Mexico


Former Mexican president Vicente Fox appeared to reach across the border last week by inviting Donald Trump to visit his country and “learn about the real Mexico.”

It turned out not to be quite the olive branch we had thought.

In the same week that he apologized to Trump, Fox called the real estate mogul the “hated gringo” and the “ugly American” in an “explicit” interview with KickAss Politics.

Here is the picture Fox took for his interview about Trump:

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BREAKING: Breitbart Reveals Catholic Sends Son to Catholic School

Paul Ryan / AP

Ugh, hold on for a second. I need a glass of water—or maybe something stiffer… Okay, sorry. Thought I was going off the rails there for a second. The scoopage, tho’. Just read this piece from Julia Hahn in Breitbart News: After the Paris terrorist attack, House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that the United States …

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Welcome to Your Curated Future


The reverse-chronological social media feed—that relic of, oh, like, five years ago that showed you all the posts by everyone you followed on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram—is dying. Indeed, it’s only a matter of time until it’s dead altogether:

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On Spoilers

SPOILER: Captain America and Iron Man are in 'Captain America: Civil War'

Of all the complaints that annoy film critics, one that’s right up near the top is “hey, why’d you spoil that for me?” when you’ve done nothing but explain basic plot points needed to understand the film’s story and discuss it more broadly.* Here’s the thing, folks: If you want to know “do critics like this …

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RIP, Forbearance

mob pitchforks

I’m a big believer in separating the personal and the political. I wrote a longish essay on the topic titled “Forbearance.” Live and let live, you know? Just because you disagree with someone, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, like, listen to their music or eat their food or tow their car when they break down.

Unfortunately, live and let live is not a terribly popular philosophy at the moment.

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Who Is Going to Miss John Kasich?

John Kasich

John Kasich left the race for the Republican presidential nomination this evening. Like Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina, he is someone whose departure is worth mourning, I think.

Despite his impressive record in his home state, it is clear to me now that Kasich never had a chance of winning his party’s presidential nomination in 2016. In a series of primary contests that will be remembered by historians for back-and-forths about the size of Donald Trump’s manhood and the use of vulgar slang words for female anatomy on the campaign trail, it was always a pleasure to see the governor of Ohio, a resolute foe of drug use, obscenity in television and music, sleazy video games, and many other nasty things, making his stand on behalf of decency and Midwestern manners.

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PC-NWP / Splash News

It is with great regret that I must report that Kate Upton, our finest existing representation of American greatness and muse of the Washington Free Beacon, is off the market and has been for weeks. Upton announced the engagement at last night’s Met Gala by showing up wearing an engagement ring given to her by Detroit Tigers pitcher …

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‘Ideal Spokesman’ for Sex Offenders Ideal Candidate for Sex Offender Registries

Galen Baughman, delivering a Tedx talk titled 'Are We All Sex Offenders?'

Over the weekend, I happened across a piece at Slate about a guy on a sex-offender registry who has been pitched as the “ideal spokesman” for sex offenders looking to get off of onerous lists that makes them community pariahs. As someone who frequents libertarian weblogs, I often hear horror stories about these registries—the 18-year-old who sleeps with the 17-year-old and winds up on a sex offender registry for life, that sort of thing—so I was curious to see what this Galen Baughman had done. Turns out that he, uh, wasn’t exactly a borderline case.

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Possibly Controversial Opinion: Attractive Cheerleaders > Unattractive Cheerleaders

Father of the greatest living president surrounded by deeply problematic women (AP)

Your outrage du jour is that the University of Washington had the temerity to suggest that cheerleaders should be attractive. The horror!

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Four Political Comedy Pitches to Help Hollywood Prove Conservatives Wrong

kennedys everywhere

I’m not a huge fan of anti-Hollywood culture war stuff, insofar as I find it rather boring and only kinda-sorta warranted. But sometimes The Biz goes out of its way to prove that they are, in fact, ridiculously biased caricatures. Two small items. Item the first: That’s right: Variety is reporting that noted comedic actor Will Ferrell is going to play …

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BREAKING: The Republican Governors Association Just Followed Kasich on Instagram

John Kasich / Instagram

The Republican Governors Association is now following the Republican governor of Ohio on Instagram, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. Previously the Free Beacon reported that the Washington-based 527 organization, which Gov. John Kasich of Ohio follows along with 21 other accounts on the photo-sharing site, was not reciprocating the social media outreach efforts of the former chairman of the House …

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