Everyone Lost the Debate, Even Trump


The debate was terrible, mostly because the moderators asked ridiculous questions. They asked candidates to name their greatest weakness; they challenged Ben Carson’s math skills; they asked Jeb Bush why he’s so bad at campaigning; they tried to get the candidates to talk shit about John Boehner and Paul Ryan so that other reporters could go find Boehner and Ryan and ask them if they heard the shit that Ted Cruz talked about them and then queue up some pundit to analyze. Most of the candidates scored points by attacking the media, but none of them really stood out. Here are some stray observations:

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CNBC Debate Moderators, Ranked


I think the obvious loser tonight was CNBC: Their questions were garbage, their rules non-existent, their control of the debate nil. Still, not all of them were equally bad. So allow me to rank the CNBC moderators.

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Ben Carson Wins CNBC Debate

Ben Carson (AP)

The winner of the atrocious CNBC debate was Dr. Ben Carson. He came into Boulder on the upswing: taking the lead in Iowa polls and in one national poll, doing well in fundraising, and connecting with enthusiastic crowds. Nothing happened on stage to slow his momentum. Indeed, nothing happened at the CNBC debate to change …

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GOP Debate Predictions


Republican candidates will square off tonight at the third GOP primary debate on CNBC. Scott Walker won’t be there because his campaign was a huge failure. Novelty candidates such as Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki won’t be there either because they didn’t meet the polling threshold. Rick Santorum, who is rumored to be considering another run for president, likely will not announce in time to qualify.

Sparks are expected to fly, mostly due to the fact that it’s a debate. Frontrunner Donald Trump will also have to confront the fact that he’s no longer leading in every poll and is now a pathetic loser who literally begs for votes. The other candidates will attempt to show energy. Here are some things to look out for tonight:

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Rand Paul Should Stop Complaining About ‘Pedantry’ and Get His Facts Straight (POST UPDATED)

don’t cramp my Founding Fathers style, bro / AP

What is Rand Paul babbling about? The junior senator from Kentucky and presidential candidate whined to the Washington Post yesterday that Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski—whose name the paper’s reporter does not know how to spell—is an “idiot.”

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You’ll Never Believe the Hot Swag Hillary’s Campaign Is Selling

Hillary Clinton (right) speaks to supporters. (AP)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign website is peddling all sorts of hot swag these days.

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Dear Festivals: Quit Canceling Panels Due to Bogus Threats

the 4channers calling in bomb threats or whatever at sxsw are probably about this old so you should ignore them

Apparently, SXSW has canceled a pair of panels—one about the evils of online harassment, one that seemed supportive of GamerGate—due to threats of violence. Here’s Kotaku:

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Inside the Phony War in Iraq

Screenshot / CBS

The most telling moment in 60 Minutes’ report this weekend on the fight against the Islamic State, ‘Inside the Air War,’ passed without comment. As correspondent David Marin took a tour of the Qatar-based combat operations center from which the air war is coordinated, there was a brief camera shot of a screen showing the location of aviation assets across the region. The image showed that there were a couple of dozen or so friendly aircraft in the skies above Iraq—but over Syria, where the U.S. has few friends on the ground and is being pushed aside in the skies by the Russians, it appeared that there were only two or three.

That tells a story, but not a story about which the Pentagon wants you to reflect.

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7 People Who Share a Birthday With Hillary Clinton


Happy Birthday to Hillary Clinton, who turns 68 today! For context, that would make her one of the oldest world leaders in history if elected president. She is not the only person born on October 26. Here are seven others:

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Free Beacon Editor Ousted as #1 TRUMP FAN

Trump fans. (AP)

Andrew Stiles, the Free Beacon‘s digital managing editor, has been stripped of his position as #1 TRUMP FAN, the Free Beacon has learned exclusively.

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The Lesson, as Always: Do What Rick Grimes Tells You to Do

The wisdom of Buddha and the fighting sensibility of Patton

Spoilers about last night’s Walking Dead after the jump, but before we get there, let me just share this piece of wisdom with you: That moment when you realize that #TheWalkingDead is just a long con for @SonnyBunch to tell people “You see? YOU SEE??!!” — Daniel Drezner (@dandrezner) October 26, 2015 The creators of The Walking Dead …

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NFL Week 7 Picks, with Pictures

tbbcheerleaders Instagram

Last week’s New York Mets edition of NFL picks didn’t work great for my picks, but they worked great for my Mets.

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Top Senior Moments from the Benghazi Hearing

Prominent senior citizen marvels at a modern camera. (AP)

Hillary Clinton testified for an obscenely long time Thursday before the Benghazi select committee. Most was of the questioning from Republican lawmakers was hysterical and sub-competent. We didn’t really learn anything we didn’t already know, namely:

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Here’s What Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Have in Common

SNL portrays a victim of sexism (left) and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton probably doesn’t like being compared to Sarah Palin, who almost made history as the first ever female vice president of America. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot in common. For example, Hillary does not appear to regularly read any newspapers or magazines. She seems to gets all of her news forwarded to her by her inner circle of obsequious bootlickers, and then orders lesser peons to print it our for her. According to a recent profile in Vanity Fair, the arrangement has prevailed for decades.

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For Hillary Clinton, the World’s Smallest Violin Plays

Tiny Violin

Hillary Clinton testified before the Benghazi Committee on Thursday because she is the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy that refuses to let her enjoy the lifestyle of an everyday millionaire who just wants to be president. This explains why Hillary was compelled to secretly set up a private email server in her basement and conduct government business over an unsecured network. She couldn’t risk becoming the target of a so-called “government transparency” scam. It was a courageous decision that proved her willingness to fight on behalf of every government official who has ever been forced to suffer the indignity of a FOIA request.

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