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Wall Street Banks Rated Most ‘Risky’ Are Big Hillary Clinton Donors

Banks evaluated as having a high "systemic risk" to the U.S. financial system have contributed millions to Hillary Clinton over the course of her political career. A recent study by the Treasury Department's Office of Financial Research assessed the institutions that, due to their size, complexity and interconnectedness, posed the greatest financial risk. As it turns out, four of the six riskiest banks are big donors to Hillary Clinton:

  1. JP Morgan (4th largest Clinton donor, $620,917)
  2. Citigroup (Largest Clinton donor, $782,327)
  3. Bank of America (Ranked outside top 20)
  4. Wells Fargo (Ranked outside top 20)
  5. Goldman Sachs (2nd largest Clinton donor, $711,490)
  6. Morgan Stanley (6th largest Clinton donor, $543,065)

Ironically, the release of the study coincides with Clinton’s efforts to reach out to Wall Street antagonist Elizabeth Warren, who recently attacked Clinton’s largest Wall Street donor, Citigroup, over the bank’s efforts to role back financial regulations. Clinton and Warren reportedly met in December at the Clintons’ racially problematic "Whitehaven" estate in Northwest Washington, D.C. It is unclear if the meeting will have any effect on the level of Wall Street’s readiness for Hillary. (It won’t.)

Hillary Clinton attends a fancy gala with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Riskiest banks:

Top Clinton donors: