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You Won’t Believe What Makes Hillary Clinton’s Advisers ‘Throw Up’

MSNBC contributor Robert Gibbs said he's sure some Hillary Clinton advisers "threw up a little in their own mouths" at the notion that she was the "inevitable" presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in 2016.

Leading up to the 2008 election season, Clinton was considered a shoo-in by many in the media to take the nomination, but then-Sen. Barack Obama grabbed the nomination instead. Gibbs would go on to be his press secretary after he won election.

In an earlier segment on Morning Joe, a writer pegged the "inevitable" moniker on Clinton, leading Gibbs to caution against that language.

"I was struck in the earlier segments when we had the writer from New York Magazine on, who said Hillary CLinton is inevitable," he said. "I can only imagine that some Hillary Clinton advisers sort of threw up a little in their mouths at the notion of being inevitable."