Trump Defends Huckabee Sanders, Slams Red Hen Restaurant

Sarah Huckabee Sanders / YouTube
June 25, 2018

President Donald Trump tweeted about the Red Hen Restaurant Monday morning, the same restaurant that kicked out White press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday. Trump defended Sanders by saying the restaurant should have priorities other than kicking out those it disagrees with politically.

"The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders," Trump said. "I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!"

Sanders was going to eat with her family when she was asked to leave the Lexington, Virginia restaurant because she works for Trump. Co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson told the Washington Post that Sanders works for a "inhumane and unethical" administration.

On social media, people have been criticizing a different Red Hen-named restaurant located in Washington, D.C., which has no connection to the one that sent Sanders and her group away. The restaurant has received a flood of Yelp reviews from people lambasting its actions.

This isn't the first time in the past week where a member of the Trump administration has been confronted while trying to dine out. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted by protesters in a Mexican restaurant near the White House last Tuesday night and had to leave.

Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller was also yelled at two nights before as he at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) endorsed the practice of publicly harassing Trump administration officials on Saturday, encouraging people to "create a crowd" around any they see and tell them they're "not welcome."