Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Reporters

Liberal press compares Trump to The Grinch

President Donald Trump / Getty Images
December 13, 2018

President Donald Trump canceled the annual White House Christmas party with reporters and members of the media on Thursday, according to Fox News.

The White House has made no public announcement of the cancellation. The decades-long tradition has been a time for members of the press and White House officials to celebrate the holiday season. The party traditionally featured a picture-taking session where the president would pose for photos with guests and chat in an informal setting.

Last year, Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump made a brief appearance at the party but did not take pictures with the guests.

The news of the cancellation upset some reporters.

White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan called the decision "sad on a lot of levels."

She added that she didn't plan on attending the party this year because "why break bread with folks who hate you & call you names?"

Other reporters shared their disappointment over the cancellation.

The Daily Beast and Salon both described Trump as the "Grinch," with the former saying he "stole Christmas."

The relationship between the president and the press has been contentious throughout his presidency. Trump routinely calls reporters "fake news" and "enemy of the people" while reporters criticize the president for everything he does, like attending a funeral.

Trump has also broke tradition by not attending the White House Correspondents Dinners during his two years as president.

While the press party has been canceled, Fox News reports the White House is still hosting numerous other holiday parties.

"While dropping the media party, the White House is in the midst of a full panoply of other parties this holiday season," Fox News reported. "Selected media people generally favorable to Trump, including a few Fox News hosts, have made those guest lists."

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