Tim Ryan: The Democratic Party Is ‘in Oblivion as We Speak Now’

• February 2, 2017 9:47 am


When Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo told Rep. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio) on Thursday there was an article out that described House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) leading the Democratic Party "into oblivion," Ryan said the party is already there.

Bartiromo was referencing a Breitbart article published Tuesday. The article, written after CNN aired a town hall with Pelosi and host Jake Tapper, argued that the top Democrat in the House is unable to make a coherent and convincing political argument since she is "bathed in the glow of media approval, [while the Democrats] seem to think they are still winning, fervently denying the political reality."

Bartiromo then asked Ryan about that assessment of his party, referencing Pelosi's criticism of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

"There is an article right now saying Nancy Pelosi is leading her party into oblivion," Bartiromo said. "I mean, Nancy Pelosi said that Judge Gorsuch is hostile to women's productive rights, hostility toward children and school, children with autism, hostile appointment, and as far as President Trump, she says ‘wreckless and incompetent in his recent executive order.'"

"I mean, does she not understand what just happened in terms of the election?" Bartiromo asked. "She is going against what the people just voted for."

Ryan did not exactly jump to Pelosi's defense.

"Well, I mean Democrats, not to be too frank, but we are in oblivion as we speak now," Ryan said. "I mean, we got completely wiped out in the election, so we are trying to work our way back."

Ryan had launched a failed bid to unseat Pelosi as minority leader last year, arguing the Democratic Party only caters to coastal elites while ignoring Middle America.

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