Scarborough: Hillary Clinton ‘Running Scared’ From the Press

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough accused Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of "running scared" from the press Wednesday onĀ Morning Joe.

After a new CNN poll revealed 57 percent of respondents do not find Clinton honest or trustworthy, Scarborough said Clinton couldn't continue to be fearful of addressing questions about her beleaguered tenure at the State Department.

"At some point, she can't be horrified of putting a microphone up, standing in front of it and answering everybody's questions," he said. "Until she does that, this campaign doesn't really feel officially started. She can do all she wants to do, but as long as she's running scared, and she is running scared right now from the press, until she can stand in front of that microphone and answer those questions, these questions that everybody has are going to continue to loom over her."

Clinton faces increasing scrutiny about allegations of pay-for-play while Secretary of State and her use while in that office of a private email server.