Sanders: Hard For Me to Understand How Hillary Can Run for President and Not Take Questions

• June 12, 2015 12:40 pm


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is causing a lot of trouble for Hillary Clinton. The socialist from Vermont continues to gain steam as Clinton’s main challenger while forcing the frontrunner to veer to the left.

Friday, on MSNBC, Sanders blasted Clinton over the Clinton Foundation, her lack of a stance on the TPP, and her avoidance of the press.

"It is hard for me to understand how you can run for President of the United States and not take questions," Sanders said, noting that he fields questions every day.

That is not the only thing Sanders finds difficult to understand about Clinton.

The senator vehemently opposes the TPP, believing it is a job killer in what he labels "a race to the bottom." He once again took offense to Clinton refusing to give her position on the critical trade deal important enough to have the president scrambling on the Hill to garner Democrats’ support.

"What is Hillary Clinton’s position on this Trans-Pacific Partnership? Apparently she has no position. She’s not for it. She’s not against it," Sanders said. "It is hard for me to understand how any candidate, Hillary Clinton or anybody, cannot have a position on what is a major, major issue facing the American people. You are for it or against it but you got to have a position."

Sanders also took issue with major contributions the Clinton Foundation accepted in apparent quid pro quo for political influence.

"I have concerns about anybody who is dependent on huge campaign contributors," Sanders said.

Sanders is pulling closer to Clinton in the polls as she struggles with Americans’ growing opinion that she is dishonest.