Roger Stone: Obama Makes Nixon ‘Look Like a Boy Scout’

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• January 5, 2015 2:52 pm


Legendary political operative Roger Stone joined James Rosen on The Foxhole to make his case for the importance of reexamining the political career of former President Richard Nixon.

"In the ashes of Watergate, his greatest accomplishments have been completely buried," Stone told Rosen late last year. "He was flawed, he made huge mistakes, but he also had great achievements."

Stone insists that the accepted narrative of Watergate is a "grotesque distortion of horrible truth," but he says that Nixon did commit an impeachable offense by making the mistake of covering up crimes that he did not know about or commit.

Stone told Rosen that his desire to write a book chronicling the career of Nixon came after witnessing how the media piled on with criticism of his presidency.

His lengthy book, however, is much more than a defense of Nixon from the Watergate scandal. It is an attempt to understand the full depth of Nixon’s career.

Stone points to the lack of discussion in the media of Nixon’s many accomplishments, such as how he saved Israel in 1973 by supplying it with much needed military supplies against the advice of top adviser Henry Kissinger.

He also argues that when it comes to extra-constitutional and illegal activities, "Barack Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a boy scout."

"Nixon’s men only wiretapped one office building … this president that we have now is wiretapping the entire country," said Stone. "One of the counts against Nixon is that he used the CIA to tell the FBI to stop investigating Watergate … this administration uses the CIA to spy on reporters."

You can listen to Stone’s full interview with Rosen at Fox News.

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