Ohio Voters Tell CNN Trump Has Had a 'Fantastic' Year

January 17, 2018

A group of Ohio voters sat down with CNN's Martin Savage in a segment that aired Wednesday, and they praised President Donald Trump's first year in office.

The panel of Democrats, who crossed over to vote Republican in 2016, faced questions about a variety of topics involving Trump and his administration. They all live in Youngstown, Ohio, but they have different occupations and backgrounds.

"We're one year in," Savage said. "How's he doing?"

"Fantastic," ironworker Rick Green said.

"Phenomenal," Geno DiFabio, a machine shop worker, said.

"Better than I ever would have dreamt," one woman said.

"Yes, I agree. He's doing wonderful, he's staying on task," pastor Derrick Anderson said.

The panel was asked about immigration, the economy, and Trump's treatment by the media.

"I feel like when people come here illegally, that's just very disrespectful," student Justis Harrison said. "You don't respect our laws and you shouldn't be able to come here freewheeling like that."

Harrison said that Trump is not a racist and recalled the time she met him at a rally during the 2016 campaign.

"He was just the nicest person and if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word," Harrison said.

"Do you think he is a liar?" Savage asked.

"Do I think he's lied? No," DiFabio said. "But I think he's fallen short in some of his goals. We all do."

The panel also said the economy was getting better and that Trump's tax reform law is improving things.

"Do you think the media gives the president a fair shake?" Savage asked.

"I don't think so at all," Harrison said.

Anna Para, who is a retired mother of four, said that she enjoys Trump's rhetoric.

"When he's like tenacious, sometimes and says stuff off the cuff, like we do, like real Americans do, you know, we're not perfect," Para said. "I'm tired of suave, I'm tired of polished, I'm tired of the teleprompter, you know, I am. I want my country back."