Obama Admin Alumni Praise White House Physician

White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson / Getty

Former Obama administration officials praised White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson on Tuesday after he answered questions from reporters about President Donald Trump's health.

For nearly 50 minutes, White House reporters asked Dr. Jackson an array of questions about the results of Trump's periodic physical evaluation. One reporter even asked if the president was addicted to any drugs. After the press briefing concluded, some reporters weren't convinced of Dr. Jackson's report that Trump's "overall health is excellent."

NBC News intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian expressed skepticism over Trump weighing 239 pounds. He even questioned if the president should publicly step on a scale to prove it.

"Seeing a lot of skepticism over the idea that @realDonaldTrump weighs only 239 pounds. Would he step on a scale in public to prove it?" Dilanian tweeted.

The host of CNN's "Reliable Sources," Brian Stelter, appeared to believe there are remaining questions about Trump's fitness for office.

"Here's how the next few hours will go. Trump supporters will say ‘Concerns about Trump's mental health were always absurd. Case closed now.' The Q's about fitness for office are serious. Someone could be sharp as a tack, but still unfit," Stelter tweeted.

While reporters questioned Jackson's report, a few former officials from the Obama administration vouched for the physicians's credibility and professionalism. Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, has served as White House physician in the administrations of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Trump

David Axelrod, chief strategist for the Obama campaign and senior adviser to President Obama, called Dr. Jackson a "straight shooter."

Obama's former senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer called Jackson a "phenomenal doctor" and a "really great guy." Fellow Obama alums like former speech writer Jon Favreau retweeted Pfeiffer's tweet.

Former Obama official Alyssa Mastromonaco said there is no one better than Jackson.