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Numbers Never Lie

The Obama campaign announced Wednesday that President Obama will speak Thursday at Time Warner Cable Arena, downsizing from Bank of America Stadium.

The campaign claims the change was due to concerns over threats of thunder and lighting.

According to the Weather Channel, there is a 20 percent chance of precipitation during President Obama’s speech. In 2008, the campaign proudly promoted speeches of Obama speaking to crowds in rain storms.

The new venue holds around 20,000, while the Bank of America Stadium holds more than 73,000. Campaign officials told Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein that there was no doubt they were going to fill Bank of America Stadium; the campaign claimed to have a wait list of 19,000 people. The campaign has said 65,000 were set to attend the speech.

According to the Sandy Springs Patch, the Obama campaign was still giving away tickets to the speech as late as Sept. 2, just four days before the event. North Carolina field offices were handing out tickets to the speech just last week.

It is unclear if the people who got tickets four days ago were part of the 65,000 or the wait list.