MSNBConspiracy Theories

MSNBC's personalities have dabbled in a number of conspiracy theories over the years, a new Washington Free Beacon video shows.

Examples include Rachel Maddow baselessly speculating as to how Anthony Weiner's Twitter profile may have been hacked to send a lewd photo to a woman in 2011, Ali Velshi announcing without evidence his suspicion that he was listed in the "secret records" of the National Rifle Association as a member (he's not), and Lawrence O'Donnell's theory that Vladimir Putin orchestrated President Donald Trump's missile attack on Syria last year to distract the world or something.

In addition, John Heilemann has been praised by Nicolle Wallace for wondering aloud if Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) was a "Russian agent," Mika Brzezinski has declared Trump to be "not ok" in terms of his mental health, and Maddow also claimed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was recommended for the position by Putin to Trump.

Food for thought.