MSNBC Airs Incorrect Graphic About Impeachment for Second Straight Day

MSNBC posted an incorrect graphic about impeachment for the second consecutive day on Thursday, although this time the actual words viewers heard from anchor Ali Velshi were correct on the matter.

For the second straight day, Velshi explained "how impeachment works" in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's implication in a potential criminal campaign violation by his former attorney, Michael Cohen.

And once again, MSNBC showed a graphic stating 60 out of 100 senators are needed to convict on impeachment charges to remove a U.S. president from office, but the actual number is 67 since a two-thirds majority is required.

Although the image behind him was wrong, Velshi correctly told viewers the "67" figure, noting 18 Senate Republicans would have to join all 49 Democrats and Independents to remove Trump if he was impeached in the current Congress.

Velshi had to give an on-air correction on Wednesday when he stated a two-thirds majority is needed in the House to impeach a president, when it fact only a simple majority is required. He also said, and a graphic showed, that only 60 senators are needed to convict.

After a commercial break, he thanked social media users for pointing out the errors and corrected the record.