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MSNBC: A Record Number of Americans Disapprove of Obama

President Obama is shattering records once again, but this time not for the best: new polls have found that his approval rating is plummeting while his disapproval rate is soaring.

A poll by NBC and the Wall Street Journal found that a record high 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama, while a scant 43 percent of Americans approve of the President.

Similarly, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that a whopping 57 percent of Americans approve of the President, with his approval ratings sinking to a new low: 38 percent.

The President’s new ratings can largely be credited to the disastrous, failed rollout of his legacy piece of legislation- Obamacare, the dismal state of the economy, and the recent government shutdown.

When asked about their opinions of Obamacare, Americans did not express favorable feelings for it: 50 percent said it was a bad idea and 34 percent said it was a good idea.

Americans also weighed in on the upcoming 2014 Midterm Elections with more people saying Republicans not Democrats should take control of Congress.