Journalists Can't Stop Giving Mitch McConnell Badass Nicknames

January 21, 2020

Democrats and journalists—to the extent that there is a meaningful difference—can't stop coming up with nicknames for Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) that make the Senate majority leader sound like a total badass, which he is.

The latest, via lib journalist Carl Bernstein, is "Midnight Mitch"—a reference to the Senate impeachment trial rules McConnell recently proposed. Some have criticized the rules because, among other reasons, the late-night schedule could make it harder for grandstanding Democratic senators to get video clips of their grandstanding played on evening news programs.

In any event, some users of the popular social networking website Twitter pointed out that "Midnight Mitch" is a pretty badass nickname.

If you thought that would stop Democratic lawmakers from turning "Midnight Mitch" into a stupid hashtag, you'd be wrong.

If they'd stop lying to themselves and the American people for once, Democrats and their allies in the media could finally admit how terrified they are of what Midnight Mitch has in store for them in 2020.

It's certainly not the first badass nickname members of the media have bestowed on the formidable Senate leader. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough dubbed McConnell "Moscow Mitch" in 2019 after the majority leader refused to go along with the phony Russia witch hunt hoax. Multiple House Democrats have recycled the title, but that hasn't stopped McConnell, who is too busy getting conservative justices confirmed to the Supreme Court and every other federal bench in the land.

Their depravity notwithstanding, lib journalists were not responsible for McConnell's best nickname, "Cocaine Mitch." That was the brainchild of Don Blankenship, a former coal executive who ran for Senate (unsuccessfully) in the West Virginia GOP primary in 2018. Blankenship promised voters he would "ditch Cocaine Mitch" if elected, suggesting that McConnell was somehow implicated in reports that 90 pounds of cocaine had been seized aboard a shipping vessel owned by his father-in-law.

Being a badass, McConnell embraced the nickname. In addition to playfully celebrating Blankenship's defeat in the GOP Senate primary, McConnell's campaign website gave supporters a chance to "own a piece of history" by purchasing their very own "Cocaine Mitch" t-shirts.

Bow down to the legend, libs. He's got your number.