McCaskill Gets Ad Boost From Schumer-Tied Group After Blasting ‘Dark Money’

Sen. Claire McCaskill / Getty Images


Majority Forward, a Democratic non-profit group with ties to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), is launching digital ads for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) after she told Missourians to ignore "dark money" groups.

The statewide campaign, backed by a six-figure ad buy, will highlight the 50 town halls that McCaskill held across Missouri in 2017, Politico reported Wednesday.

The ads, which will run on Facebook and other platforms, will include a graphic of the locations of McCaskill's town halls and a quote from the Democratic senator: "Whether they agree with me or not, every Missourian is my boss."

The newly launched campaign comes after McCaskill, who is up for reelection in 2018, warned voters in April to disregard ads from "dark money" sources.

"The dark money is going to flood in here," McCaskill said at the time. "And I recommend to you—I don't care if the ad is for me or against me—if it doesn't say, ‘I am Claire McCaskill and I approve this message,' or if it doesn't say, ‘I am whoever is running against me,' pay no attention to it. You don't know who's paying for it. You don't know why they're running it. It is disgusting. It has gotten out of control."

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (R.) is the leading Republican contender looking to unseat McCaskill in 2018.

Conor Beck

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Conor Beck is a Media Analyst for the WFB. He's previously written for The College Fix, Life News, and was a Student Free Press Association Fellow for The Weekly Standard. He graduated from Rice University in 2017.

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