Mark Udall’s Painful Interview

‘We can play this over…right? Let me re-tape this’

• October 18, 2014 3:31 pm


Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (Colo.) gave such a painful interview to ABC 7 News in Denver on Friday that he asked for a do-over.

During a segment of "10 questions for Mark Udall," the Democrat was unable to name three books that influenced his life or the last song he listened to, and blamed his lack of an answer on being "brain-dead."

When asked whether Common Core is good or bad for Colorado’s students, Udall simply said, "Yes."

Udall was able to come up with one book, Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy. But after a long pause, he said, ‘Let me think. We can play this over, right? Let me re-tape this."

In attempt to save the Democrat, news anchor Marc Stewart went back to the music question, which Udall had just as difficult a time answering.

"What’s the last song you listened to?"

"I’m brain-dead today," Udall said.

Udall was finally able to come up with an answer after a painful pause. "Let me catch my thought here. So, In the Kingdom of Ice, Profiles in Courage, and Centennial, Michener’s great book about Colorado."

"I love Shawn Colvin’s song about avalanches because it’s appropriate to Colorado," he added.

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