Manchin Rebukes John Lewis for Saying Trump Not Legitimate

Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) rebuked Rep. John Lewis (D., Ga.) on Friday for saying that President-elect Donald Trump will not be a legitimate president.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Manchin for his reaction to Lewis' comments made to NBC's Chuck Todd. Manchin disagreed with his fellow Democrat after praising Lewis and calling him a friend.

"There is no doubt the Russians were involved in hacking, they were responsible for the hacking," Manchin said. "But there is no credible evidence showing that that intervened and had one iota to do with the outcome of the election."

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Manchin mentioned Trump's overwhelming victory in his home state of West Virginia as an example of how the president-elect won before calling for national unity.

"Donald trump won West Virginia by over 42 percent," Manchin said. "I can assure you the Russians had nothing to do with him winning by 42."

"Now, with that being said, we've got to move on," Manchin continued. "We've got to come together as a country."