Major Virginia Newspaper Endorses Republican Gillespie for Governor

Ed Gillespie / Getty Images
Ed Gillespie / Getty Images

The Richmond Times-Dispatch, one of Virginia's biggest newspapers, on Friday endorsed Republican Ed Gillespie for governor.

In the last Virginia gubernatorial election, the Times-Dispatch did not endorse any candidate.

Gillespie is facing off against Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for the office currently held by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.), a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"Republican Ed Gillespie has run an energetic, inclusive, moderate-conservative, solutions-oriented campaign," the endorsement reads. "His detailed, in-depth proposals reflect a refreshing respect for the intelligence of the voters."

"Gillespie revives the pragmatic, open-minded Republican Party that for so long served Virginia well by emphasizing effective government that focuses on core responsibilities while limiting regulation and keeping taxes as low as possible," the endorsement adds.

The Times-Dispatch credits Gillespie on several issues, including economic growth, job creation, tax reform, criminal justice reform, and his support for charter schools.

"As governor, he will deliver on Virginia's potential," the endorsement concludes. "He has earned our confident endorsement."