Koch Industries Responds to Harry Reid Attacks

Expresses disappointment that Reid attacked private citizens

Harry Reid / AP

Koch Industries replied on Tuesday to sustained attacks on the company and its fraternal owners Charles and David Koch by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.).

Reid called the Kochs "un-American" in a speech on the Senate floor last week and accused them of corrupting the political process by participating in it to too great a degree.

"There is a big difference between the vision of Senator Reid and of Koch as it relates to the future direction of this country," wrote Koch Companies Public Sector president Philip Ellender in a statement. 

At Koch, these are the things in which we believe: a government of appropriate size and scope such that it allows Americans the freedom and liberty to pursue happiness and well-being—for themselves and their families. We also believe in a government that operates on a balanced budget and does not burden American taxpayers with things like unfunded liabilities and mandates; a government that respects the integrity of our country’s Constitutional principles; and regulatory bodies that don’t impose needless burdens on entrepreneurs and job creators, both large and small.

This topic is worthy of vigorous dialogue and civil debate between people who exercise mutual respect for others with opposing viewpoints. We are disappointed that Senator Reid is attacking private citizens rather than the problems facing this nation. It is no wonder that Americans have lost faith in Congress.