Kentucky Radio Host Doubles Down on Attacks on Black Republican

Racially charged attack on AG candidate because of Trump endorsement

August 9, 2019

A Kentucky radio host and local attorney doubled down on Thursday night on her attack on a black Republican candidate for the state's attorney general seat because of  his support of President Donald Trump.

Dawn Elliott, the radio host, had attacked Cameron with racially charged comments in an interview with the Louisville Courier Journal, saying he should "stop eating the ‘Coon Flakes.’" She blasted Cameron for accepting an endorsement from a president she called "openly racist" and accused him of "slapping all the black ancestors in the face," the Daily Caller reported.

Daniel Cameron, who described himself as a lifelong Republican, told The Daily Caller he is "part of a diverse Kentucky Republican Party ticket" and said that he has been called "much worse as a black Republican."

On Twitter, Elliott doubled down. "Dear @DanielCameronAg, I'm super excited that you are proud to be endorsed by Donald Trump," she wrote. She continued that Trump "puts children in cages," and "supports voter suppression & hates people of color."

She followed up in another tweet how she wasn't getting any blowback  for her racially charged comment from black voters.

"Got a ton of flack for my "Coon Flakes" comment in the Courier Journal, ironically, not from ANY black VOTERS. #butimracist," she tweeted.

Cameron's Democratic rival, Greg Stumbo, also launched personal attacks at Cameron, calling him a child. His campaign quickly scrambled to clarify that Stumbo did not mean the insult as a racist attack: "The one-liner had nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with Mr. Cameron’s lack of qualifications for the office of attorney general," Stumbo's spokeswoman said in a statement, according to The Daily Caller.