Hume: Hillary’s Private Email Saga ‘So Clinton-Esque,’ ‘You Never Quite Get the Whole Truth’ With Her

Fox News Sunday panelist Brit Hume dubbed the ongoing saga of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private emails and pre-screened release of them to the public as "so Clinton-esque," adding "you never quite get the whole truth" when it comes to that family.

Another 3,000 of Clinton’s emails were released Tuesday night, mostly from 2009, and State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged some more emails had been withheld due to "executive privilege purposes." Also, another two-dozen of her emails were reclassified by the State Department, refuting Clinton's claim that she never sent any privileged material on the private server.

"I suppose it was just a fond wish, a dream that we were going to get to see everything," Hume said. "Obviously we’re not. Everything that we get has already been selected by Hillary Clinton not to be deleted, so even if we got everything that was left, we wouldn’t get everything. This is so Clinton-esque. You never quite get the whole truth. You never quite get full disclosure. You never quite catch them in a violation of the law, but you almost never catch them being totally ethical, either."

Hume correctly pointed out that whatever emails reporters are seeing now are those Clinton had not previously deleted, meaning they are simply the ones Clinton was okay with people getting to see.