Hispanic Voters Support Punishing ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ Deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants

/ AP

A poll conducted for the non-profit Secure America Now has found that Hispanic voters support prioritizing the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants and punishing the cities that do not turn in undocumented immigrants, according to the Washington Examiner.

The poll, which was conducted by Republican research firm McLaughlin & Associates, reported that 59 percent of voters approve of cutting off funding to sanctuary cities, while 29 percent disapprove.

When looking at respondents more specifically, the survey found that 46 percent of Hispanic voters support cutting off funding to sanctuary cities, compared to 43 percent who oppose the move.

When it came to deporting criminal illegal immigrants, the survey found larger margins of support.

According to the poll, 69 percent of Americans approve the end of "catch and release" as well as making the deportation of undocumented criminals the highest priority. 21 percent of Americans disapprove.

Hispanic voters also reported more support with 56 percent supporting the move, while only 31 percent oppose.

Among those surveyed, 33 percent were Republicans and 36 percent were Democrats. Hispanics made up 11 percent of the survey.