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Fox Uncovers 2005 Clip of Hillary Clinton Saying ‘There Is No Way to Legislate’ Against Outsourcing

During his interview with Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace played a 2005 video of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton saying "there is no way to legislate" against U.S. companies outsourcing jobs.

"Fox News has gotten a hold of a video of Hillary Clinton on a trip to India back in 2005, when she was a senator," Wallace said. "She was asked about legislating, whether the U.S. might consider legislation to ban outsourcing. She said, ‘No,' but then she added this."

"Perhaps some economic incentives to at least think very hard before those decisions are made, but it is an inevitability," Clinton, then representing New York, says in the 2005 clip. "There is no way to legislate against reality, so I think that the outsourcing will continue."

As she battles far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for the 2016 Democratic nomination, Clinton has pledged to be tough on companies that outsource jobs overseas. In a speech on March 4 in Michigan, Clinton discussed her proposed "clawback" that would revoke the tax relief and incentives companies get for such practices, according to Politico.

Clinton critics, however, have pointed to a 2012 video of her, again in India, telling the audience that outsourcing has "benefited" Americans in some aspects.

Also, the Free Beacon reported in October how Clinton was for outsourcing before she was against it:

However, as a senator, Clinton played a key role in bringing outsourcing companies to Buffalo. She helped Tata Consulting, an Indian company, set up an office in the struggling upstate New York city.

"They’ve actually brought jobs to Buffalo. Outsourcing does work both ways," she told then-CNN host Lou Dobbs in 2004.

The new headquarters did not bring about the hiring boom that Clinton predicted.

"The company [Tata], which called the arrangement Clinton’s ‘brainchild,’ says ‘about 10’ employees work here," the Los Angeles Times reported in 2007.