Fournier: Hillary Clinton Undermining Public Trust In Her and Politics In General

June 29, 2015

National Journal reporter Ron Fournier said Monday on Morning Joe that Hillary Clinton has undermined the public’s trust in government and politics.

Last week, the State Department confirmed that Clinton failed to turn over at least 15 work-related emails during her time as secretary of state. At a press conference, Clinton claimed to have turned over all work-related emails to the State Department.

The emails were sent from a private server that Clinton kept at her personal residence. The contents of the server have since been deleted by Clinton. This private email scandal has caused the public to perceive Clinton as untrustworthy.

'It's incumbent on our leaders, whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, or independents, to make sure they earn that trust, and Hillary Clinton for all her strengths is really undermining the trust, not just in her and not just in the Democratic Party but in politics in general," Fournier said. 'My view on all these kind of stories is don't presume guilt, don't assume innocence, and follow the money."

The State Department announced that it would not conduct an investigation to see if there are more emails that Clinton failed to disclose.

'White House officials tell me they're disgusted with the fact that Hillary Clinton violated their rules on foreign donations, violated their rules on email," Fournier said. 'Well, I haven't heard the president rebuke her. I haven't seen his State Department investigate this. So I’ve got to assume that the Obama White House is complicit in this lack of transparency and in this rule breaking and whatever else is going on that we don't know about."