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Cuomo Takes Shot at Clinton Dodging The Media

CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo took a quick shot Wednesday at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for being largely unavailable to the media.

Democratic strategist and Clinton supporter Paul Begala was on to discuss polling that shows Joe Biden, who is not an official candidate for president, in second place far behind Clinton.

"I love Hillary, but she is going to fight this," Begala said. "This is why I'm so impressed with how she's running her campaign, though. She's not taking anything for granted. She's going out town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood, voter to voter, and that's the only way to win this."

"Not taking any questions, either," Cuomo shot back. "How about that, Begala?"

"Not from the likes of you, Mr. Cuomo," Begala said, laughing. "But from voters, from citizens, yes."

Clinton has been almost comically unwilling to give interviews to the national press since she announced her candidacy for president in April, actually going weeks between taking questions.