Trump Surrogate Michael Cohen Can't Vote for Trump in New York Because He's a Registered Democrat

April 14, 2016

Prominent Donald Trump surrogate Michael Cohen revealed Thursday that he is a registered Democrat and cannot vote for his boss in the upcoming Republican New York primary.

Cohen, who serves as Trump's special counsel and as executive vice-president of the Trump Organization, had not hidden that he was a Democrat. It has been known for years, and Cohen voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

CNN hosts John Berman and Kate Bolduan asked Cohen about his thoughts on RNC chairman Reince Priebus and the nominating process when he dropped the news. For whatever reason, Cohen did not switch his party affiliation so he could vote for his boss, who is running for the Republican nomination.

"I'm actually a registered Democrat, so I don't really care about Reince Priebus," Cohen said.

"You can't vote?" Berman asked.

"You're not voting for Donald Trump?" Bolduan asked.

"Not in the primary," Cohen said.

"So his kids can't vote, and you can't vote in the primary [Tuesday,]" Berman said.

Cohen then made a rather strange comment.

"Well, I'd like to be one of his children," Cohen said. "I'd like to be one of them, but no, I'm not voting in the primary. I'm a registered Democrat."

"Man, he's losing votes from his family and the people who work for him," Berman said.

"You don't have to worry about Mr. Trump," Cohen said. "He's around 50-plus percent in New York. This is his hometown."

Trump holds a large lead over GOP challengers Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich in New York, whose primary is April 19.

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