CNN Anchors: Democrats 'Look Like They're in Trouble' on Witnesses Vote

January 30, 2020

CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper said Senate Democrats look like they are in trouble as the vote to decide whether or not to call additional witnesses in the impeachment trial approaches.

"They need four Republicans. Right now, the Democrats look like they're in trouble," Blitzer said.

"They sure do," Tapper responded.

Tapper said Sen. Lamar Alexander's (R., Tenn.) submission of an impeachment question along with two "Trump stalwarts," Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Steve Daines (R., Mont.), indicated that the Democrats may have lost Alexander's swing vote on calling witnesses.

"The question was, please compare the bipartisanship in the Nixon impeachment, the Clinton impeachment, and the Trump impeachment. One of the very many loaded questions, in which they're actually just trying to make a point," Tapper said.

"I think it's almost been a return to the beginning of the week before the big New York Times bombshell about the Bolton book where the Republicans are just trying to run out the clock and not make any mistakes," CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

Toobin added that there seems to be more confidence in the Republican camp on the question of calling witnesses. He said that the Republicans "certainly are ahead" on the issue of whether or not President Trump will be acquitted.

Four hours of closing arguments are planned for Friday afternoon before the vote on whether or not to call additional witnesses. If the vote fails, then an up-or-down vote will occur on the two articles of impeachment.