Clinton Surrogate, Fox Host Get Into Heated Argument Over Russian Uranium Contracts

October 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton surrogate David Goodfriend clashed with Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday while discussing Clinton's negotiations with Russia over uranium contracts during her tenure at the State Department.

Hemmer asked Goodfriend about the hacked emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's account released by WikiLeaks. The conversation quickly turned to the Clinton Foundation receiving large sums of money as Russia secured key uranium deals while Clinton was secretary of state.

The discussion became heated when Hemmer asked Goodfriend, "How do you allow Russian companies to get the contract for the uranium deposits all over the world?"

"I don't like the fact we allow these Russian companies with direct ties to Vladimir Putin to get access to the uranium deposits overseas and some in this country as well," Hemmer said.

Goodfriend then accused Hemmer of loving Russia for reportedly hacking and releasing emails via WikiLeaks but hating Moscow when it receives contracts for uranium.

"Get it straight, Bill," Goodfriend said.

"I'm not saying anything about Russia, I'm saying that the Clinton Foundation helped negotiation these deals while she was secretary of state," Hemmer replied.

"Show me the connection," Goodfriend snapped back.

"While she was secretary of state, these companies in Russia were given the access to the uranium mines. My question for you, David, is that OK?" Hemmer asked

Goodfriend asked Hemmer to show him when an official action taken by Hillary Clinton at the State Department was directly part of a quid pro quo deal before pivoting the conversation to Donald Trump.

"Do you not want to answer the question?" Hemmer asked.

"Why don't you just put your thumb on the scale for Donald Trump," Goodfriend replied.

Hemmer asked if Goodfriend was finished and ended by the conversation by saying, "This is about America."