Chelsea Clinton Says She’ll Stay on Foundation Board, Doesn’t Address if It’s Conflict of Interest

September 9, 2016

Chelsea Clinton said Friday that she will stay on the board of the Clinton Foundation and would not answer whether that would be a conflict of interest if her mother is elected president.

Clinton appeared on ABC’s The View and was asked about her plan to remain involved with the foundation and if it would be a conflict of interest as critics have charged.

"Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about the foundation," Clinton said. "When my father left the White House more than 15 years ago, he knew he still wanted to make a difference in the world, and I’m really proud of so much of the work that the foundation has done."

Clinton then transitioned to talking about her daughter going to school and some of what the Clinton Foundation has done. She did eventually turn back toward the future of the family organization.

"All of our international programs, including our global health work that provides AIDS medicines to eleven and a half million people around the world, the programs that support thousands of women entrepreneurs around the world, those will be spun off as independent entities or to partners and we won’t accept foreign funding or corporate donations," Clinton said. "My father will step down, and I’m committed to helping steward that transition because it is complicated."

Clinton did not say whether it would be a conflict of interest.

Clinton was then asked again if she would stay on the board of the Clinton Foundation and fundraise for it.

"Well, for now I’ll certainly stay on the board. We also employ about 2,000 people," Clinton said. "We have a responsibility to the millions of people who are benefitting from our work, and we also have a responsibility to our employees to ensure that they have jobs in the future. And then once we get through that transition period, we’ll see what the right answer is for the foundation and for me."

Clinton did not go into detail about her fundraising for the foundation.